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Hospitals In Australia

Sydney Local Health District - ICE Jobs

Sydney Local Health District

Sydney Local Health District Get the lifestyle you dream of - make the move down under! If you have decided to make Australia your home, then the Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) needs to be on your list. Contact Us Now Book Your Nursing Interview Now! Sydney Local Health District is located in...
Northern Sydney Local Health District - ICE Jobs

Northern Sydney Local Health District

Northern Sydney Australia is opening up - make the move down under in 2023! Talk to our Nurse Recruitment Team today about opportunities with Northern Sydney Local Health District. Interviews commencing throughout the UK & Ireland in March 2023 - contact us today to register your interest. Talk To Us...
Justice Health - ICE Jobs

Justice Health

Justice Health Australia is opening up - make the move down under in 2023! Talk to our Nurse Recruitment Team today about roles with the Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network in New South Wales, Australia. Nursing Interviews in Ireland & the UK or Virtually - Now is the...
Hunter New England - ICE Jobs

Hunter New England

Hunter New England Australia is opening up - make the move down under in 2023! Talk to our Nurse Recruitment Team today about positions with Hunter New England Local Health District. If you have decided to make Australia your home, then Hunter New England Health needs to be on your...

Murrumbidgee LHD

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Southern NSW LHD

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Interested in the Working Holiday Visa?

Interested in the Working Holiday Visa?

The Working Holiday Visa (WHV) allows the perfect balance of professional work experience and the possibility of travel and adventure Down Under. ICE Group can help candidates find a flexible and shorter working week, with more opportunities to experience the beautiful sights in Australia, all before you leave home! 

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Interview / Recruitment Process for Off-Shore Candidates

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Things to consider when travelling to Australia

New South Wales is Australia's most populated, culturally diverse, and cosmopolitan territory, which means it's always bustling and there's always something happening.

Life in New South Wales

New South Wales, commonly abbreviated to NSW, is a state on the east coast of Australia, with Queensland to its North and Victoria to the south. Nearly a third of Australia’s population lives in NSW, most of which live in Australia’s most populous city of Sydney. NSW is also continuously growing by over 100k annually due to its attractive mix of great weather, beautiful scenery and beaches, and a good mix of rural, medium-sized cities and large metropolitan areas.

NSW is a culturally diverse region with over 275 languages spoken and 144 religions being practised. A massive third of NSW residents were born overseas, making it a very welcoming area for overseas nurses looking to set up their lives in Australia.

Here are some more great reasons to choose NSW:

Very Affordable Living
NSW has a large and thriving economy. While accommodation can be higher in some of the large metropolitan areas, NSW has highly competitive pay rates to match. There are also very affordable housing options in places like Newcastle in Hunter New England, which is only a short distance north of Sydney.
Amazing Climate
NSW has a very temperate climate, with mild winters and hot summers. The weather lets you enjoy all the beautiful landscape for walks, as well as some of the world’s best beaches. It truly is an amazing place for families who want to be outdoors. While it is a large state and weather can vary, a general rule of thumb is the further north the hotter the summers become. 
Beautiful Scenery and Natural Attractions

NSW really has it all when it comes to scenery and nature. The state itself is surrounded by mountains which offer great hiking trails and weekend getaways away from city life. NSW also has a range of beautiful nature reserves and national parks. Finally let’s not forget what Australia is known for, perfect sandy beaches and clear blue waters. NSW has a coastline of 2,000 kilometres containing some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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