Aged Care Nursing Vacancies in NSW, Australia – Newcastle and the Central Coast

New opportunity at ICE Jobs for Aged Care nurses wanting to go to New South Wales, Australia!  

Are you an Aged Care Nurse looking for a TSS 482 visa to work in Australia?  

Consider going to Central Coast or Newcastle in NSW! These two fantastic locations have so much to offer. 

Discover the allure of Newcastle and the Central Coast, just a short 1–2-hour drive from Sydney! These vibrant locales offer affordability paired with proximity to urban amenities. Newcastle stands as the second largest metropolitan area after Sydney, promising diverse opportunities and a thriving community.  

Experience the charm of temperate climates, top-tier schooling options, breathtaking landscapes, and welcoming, family-centric neighbourhoods. Embrace the best of both worlds in these dynamic regions! 

Benefits of working in Private Aged Care facilities: 

  • Team Member Development – great professional development opportunities as the facilities have their own training academy – which is done yearly 
  • Supportive Environment – great onboarding process, buddy/mentor programme “Remarkable, unwavering support” 
  • Security – large, aged care provider across Australia 
  • Aged Care Experience – “Rewarding & challenging” 
  • They go beyond traditional aged care homes by creating Care Communities that prioritize empathy, quality of life, and belonging.  
  • Building relationships – “To us, community means nurturing important relationships both inside and outside the home” 
  • Higher salaries compared to public hospitals 

The Central Coast of Australia boasts a range of advantages that make it an appealing destination to live, work, and visit: 

  • Climate: The region enjoys a temperate climate with mild winters and warm summers, making it an ideal destination for outdoor activities year-round. 
  • Proximity to Sydney: Situated just north of Sydney, the Central Coast offers the perfect balance between city convenience and coastal lifestyle. 

Newcastle, Australia, located in New South Wales, offers a range of advantages that make it a desirable place to live, work, and visit: 

  • Beautiful Beaches: Newcastle is renowned for its stunning coastline and beautiful beaches. From the iconic Nobbys Beach to the family-friendly Merewether Beach, residents and visitors can enjoy a variety of seaside activities such as swimming, surfing, and sunbathing. 
  • Outdoor Recreation: In addition to its beaches, Newcastle offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Residents can explore nearby national parks, hike scenic trails, cycle along coastal paths, or enjoy water sports such as sailing, kayaking, and fishing in the region’s waterways. 

Private Healthcare facilities focus more on their staff’s support, training & education for their team. It is very important for these facilities:

“We believe companies don’t succeed; people do” 

“We focus on providing a friendly and inviting atmospheres for all our residents and families. This starts with our high-quality clinical care, social and recreational programs, and community connections – and extends to our residents’ health, well-being, and independence.” 

Interested? Here is what to do next   

  1. Submit your CV via the Central Coast & Newcastle | Australia | Nurse Jobs | ICE Jobs information pages on our website or you can email us at  
  2. We will contact you to discuss your experiences and opportunities that may be suited to you.   
  3. Meet online with the managers of the facilities.  
  4. Move to Australia! With our ongoing support. 
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