Around the state in 12 days – Sydney and Northern Sydney

To kick start another year in international healthcare recruitment, ICE Group’s Director Margaret Cox made the long journey to Australia, to visit the local health districts in New South Wales (NSW) that we are fortunate to work with. To check out the previous blogs on her trip, click HERE! 

In our last blog, Margaret visited the iconic city of Sydney and made her first stop-off with our clients, the JHFMHN, who hire Mental Health Nurses looking to take their careers to Australia.  

In today’s blog, Margaret visits two more of our clients in Sydney. We are fortunate to partner with two of the metropolitan local health districts in NSW – Sydney and Northern Sydney.  

Sydney Local Health District – “Excellence in health and healthcare for all” 

Sydney Local Health District (Sydney LHD) covers the centre and inner west of Sydney and includes principal referral hospitals at Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) and Concord Repatriation General Hospital (Concord Hospital), a major metropolitan hospital at Canterbury as well as the aged care and rehabilitation specialist hospitals at Balmain.  

Sydney LHD has comprehensive community-based health services including child and family health, oral health, mental health, drug and alcohol services, sexual health, Aboriginal health, and many others. Sydney LHD is also widely recognised as a leader in research, education and developing innovative models of care, and has an important responsibility to support other local health districts, particularly in rural areas.   

While in the Sydney LHD, Margaret met with the very industrious Workforce team, Ivanka and Laura at Royal Prince Alfred, located centrally in the city and just 6 KM from the Sydney Opera House. 

“I really love the journey to RPA and visiting the campus, especially the blue skies, the really busy atmosphere, a mixture of new and exciting developments and buildings, and the older Victorian style facades”, Margaret commented.  “There’s a real feeling of professionalism, commitment and fun about Sydney Local Health District, and that is evident in RPA, Concord, Canterbury and Balmain Hospitals.

Northern Sydney Local Health District – “Exception care, leaders in research, partners in wellbeing” 

Northern Sydney Local Health District (Northern Sydney LHD) is one of the largest metropolitan health districts in NSW with four geographic health sectors – Hornsby Ku-ring-gai, Northern Beaches, Lower North Shore, and Ryde Hunters Hill. Each sector has an acute hospital with an emergency department, along with a broad range of other acute, sub-acute and community health services. 

The Northern Sydney LHD is a diverse population, with Aboriginal people representing 0.5% of the population and 30% of residents speaking a language other than English, with the top 5 languages being Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Spanish and Hindi.  

After visiting Royal North Shore Hospital, Margaret shared her thoughts – “My visit to Royal North Shore Hospital was a great opportunity to see first-hand the difference that overseas nurses make on a daily basis in terms of delivering healthcare in Northern Sydney LHD.  Throughout the team in Royal North Shore, there was a feeling of appreciation surrounding the contributions being made by our most recently placed Nurses.  I was delighted to hear about the medical and clinical expertise that they were applying to their new jobs, and how well the orientations, integration and support systems were working. The hospital campus is lovely, accessible in terms of getting there, and overall a great place to work.”

Who are we looking for?  – ED Nurses! 

A recent implementation of safe staffing levels (SSL) in NSW public hospitals has had a considerable impact on Sydney and Northern Sydney Local Health districts. This is being brought in in early 2024, and the initiative will first focus on Level 5 and 6 Emergency Departments and then Level 4 after, with many of the hospitals mentioned in the districts above being included in this first initiative of SSL. 

Key policy changes in better nurse-patient ratios for Emergency departments, mean there is a huge push for qualified ED nurses in these districts. If you are a qualified ED nurse who has been working in Ireland or the UK but is not sure if you would have the experience for these hospitals, please get in contact today (details below). 

Visa information 

You can work in the Sydney LHD or Northern Sydney LHD on the following visas: 

  • The Working Holiday Visa  
  • The Medium-Term Visa (TSS, 482)  
  • The Permanent Residency Visa (PR, 186)  

Information regarding relocation packages will be available soon.  

Interested? Here is what to do next  

  1. Submit your CV via the Sydney or Northern Sydney information pages on our website or you can email us at 
  1. We will contact you to discuss your experiences and opportunities that may be suited to you.  
  1. Meet online with a hospital in the Sydney or Northern Sydney LHD if your CV is shortlisted. 
  1. Move to Australia! With our ongoing support. 

Learn more about Sydney and Northern Sydney LHD 


If you have been following along on Margaret’s Journey, or maybe this was your first blog, we thank you very much for taking time out of your day. ICE Jobs works with some amazing clients across NSW, and we hope that we have been able to show even a small bit of the opportunities available in these beautiful districts. 

To check out all the previous blogs CLICK HERE or to send in an application or contact us for an initial chat, all details can be found on our WEBSITE 

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