Around the state in 12 days – Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network, Sydney

In last week’s instalment of ICE Group’s Director Margaret Cox’s trip to Australia, she visited the beautiful region of Hunter New England (Newcastle Blog and Tamworth Blog). 

Next up on the list was Sydney. During her time in Sydney, she stopped first into The Forensic Hospital, part of the Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network (Justice Health NSW).  

Who is Justice Health NSW? 

Working alongside the state’s local health districts, Justice Health NSW is one of two speciality networks under NSW Health.   

Justice Health NSW provides healthcare to adults and young people who have encountered or are at risk of encountering, the criminal justice and forensic mental health system. They care for more than 30,000 patients each year with complex and diverse health needs, across over 100 community, Forensic and custodial settings that span urban, rural, and regional NSW.  

While in Sydney visiting our friends in the Justice Health Network, Margaret met with the hard-working team of Kevin, Jane and Lauren from the Forensic Hospital. Commenting on her visit Margaret was clear on what a great opportunity working here would be to newly graduated nurses looking to kickstart their career.  

There are lots of great initiatives happening in the next few months, including the opening of a brand-new intensive care unit. I just love the location, culture, professionalism, and friendliness there. Stay connected to our Mental Health team to stay up to date on the opportunities at The Forensic Hospital.

One of the best things about the Forensic Hospital” Margaret says, “is its closeness to the beach, there’s no better way to start or end a day after work then a walk or a swim at beach – it’s simply heaven.

The Forensic Hospital 

The Justice Health Network’s key hiring location is located within their Forensic services at the Forensic Hospital in Malabar in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. 

The Forensic Hospital, part of the Forensic Mental Health Network, is a purpose-built mental health facility with 140 beds. It caters to individuals with mental illnesses involved in the criminal justice system or deemed high-risk in the community. The hospital offers specialized care for adults and teenagers through a team of medical professionals. 

With six units designed for varying needs, the hospital provides modern clinical programs, including: 

  • Austinmer Women: 17-bed acute unit 
  • Austinmer Adolescent: 6-bed acute unit 
  • Bronte Male: 33-bed high dependency and acute unit 
  • Clovelly: 27-bed extended care unit 
  • Dee Why: 32-bed long-stay unit 
  • Freshwater: 5-bed intensive care unit (Opening Soon) 

The hospital’s comprehensive approach ensures quality clinical services, encompassing intensive care, ongoing treatment, and rehabilitation. The hospital provides care for various types of patients, including Forensic patients / Correctional patients / Civil patients. 

Who are we looking for? 

Justice Health NSW is seeking Mental Health Nurses to work within their services. While the Forensic Hospital is the main hiring location, depending on experience there may be others. Please get in contact to find out more and we encourage you to browse these vacancies  

Opportunities at Justice Health NSW? 

You will join a network of people who are dedicated to delivering quality healthcare to those who need it most. You will be making a difference in a supportive environment while progressing your career in an exceptional way. Justice Health Network has great career pathways and really cares about the development of its employees. They also have their Agency bank scheme, designed for Working Holiday Visa Nurses looking to move to Sydney. Work on a casual basis, but still be part of a world-class mental health service organisation. 

Interested? Here is what to do next  

  1. Submit your CV via our website or email us 
  1. We will contact you to discuss your experiences and opportunities that may be suited to you.  
  1. Meet online with a location in the Justice Health NSW network if your CV is shortlisted. 
  1. Move to Australia….with our ongoing support. 

Learn more about Justice Health NSW 

Don’t miss out on our next blog where Margaret visits our other partners in the Sydney area, both Sydney and Northern Sydney Local Health Districts! Both these districts contain some of the largest and most advanced hospitals in Australia and are an ideal opportunity for nurses looking to advance their careers. 

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