Why do you want to leave your current job? Do’s and Don’ts!

The last thing an interviewer or recruiter will want to hear is that you want to leave your current job because you don’t get on with your boss/colleagues, or for performance issues.

The Do’s

You should emphasize the positive reasons that you are applying for the role in the company.

You could focus on the responsibilities of the role and company culture & how your skills and experience align with it. This also demonstrates that you have researched the company (which of course you will have done as part of your interview prep!).

You should focus on the new job as the opportunity to advance your career, hone in the aspects of the role that carry more responsibility or the opportunity for career development in the future with the company.

The Don’ts

It may be that your reasons for leaving your current role are not entirely positive and while you should to stay truthful, you can relay events in a manner that reflects positively on you, while avoiding negatively reflecting on your former or present employment.

If you focus on the negative issues of your job it may give the impression that you are not committed or possibly, not easy to work with. The interviewer will want to be assured that you are seeking to change your job for positive reasons, for example career development, more responsibility, better opportunities, new challenges or relocation.

They are also looking for reassurance that you will be the correct fit, satisfied in the new job and not leave after a short time.

Gaps in your Employment

It is essential to have prepared your answers to the question of why you are leaving your present job, or why you were let go or resigned.

If you have a gap in employment, you need to be able to address it.

Having strong, positive responses to these questions will help convince the interviewer determine that you are not a job hopper.

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