This Is Your Year To Change How You Recruit Top Talent

“You are not alone; most companies are struggling to find the people that they need”.

This is your year to change how you recruit top talent.

The fact of the matter is that employers will have to be flexible to retain and attract key talent

Gone are the days that you advertise a job and the masses come running!

Younger and wiser employees expect workplaces to stand for more than profit alone; they want:

  • Family and lifestyle friendly working hours and benefits
  • A strong focus on human resources – a company who listens to and reacts to employee needs and aspirations
  • Fair performance tracking and equal opportunities to develop further
  • Ongoing and accessible skills and competency training
  • Leadership development opportunities & future career planning
  • Clear advancement opportunities, where productivity and commitment is rewarded in some way

“You are not alone; most companies are struggling to find the people that they need”.

If you are lucky enough to find great talent, make the effort to keep them.  If you cannot find them or cannot afford them, you just have to create them yourself through training and development.  Either way, it’s going to take time and genuine investment to build a great team and deliver on your goals, together.

People are great for spreading the word about how you recruit; how you select applicants, how you give feedback and how you hire.  The human touch right through the process is much appreciated.  One person’s experience can spread like wildfire, if bad, it can be off-putting to the rest of their colleagues and peers.

Partnering with a strong Recruitment and Training Partner is key to attracting and retaining a stronger workforce.  They can assist you to quickly build a reputation of being an attractive workplace with a focus on human resources, and enforce it!

Rather than scrambling through CV’s from 6 agencies, build a reputation for selecting candidates based on interaction with the human, seeing their potential, not just the paper they wrote on!

In a fast paced business environment, find the time to sit, discuss and plan for a brighter future. We’ve got your back.

To find out how ICE Group Recruitment & Training can help you reach your goals in 2019, speak to Brid Connolly, our Client Engagement Manager on 091 546700.  Our 100% Guarantee and spectacular client testimonials show excellent quality, with the human touch.

Our Galway and Sligo teams support companies and jobseekers located in the West, North West and Midlands. We recruit for temporary, permanent and contract positions across multiple industry sectors:  Medical DevicesScienceManufacturing, IT/Software, Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, Multilingual, Accountancy/Finance, HR, and Office Support positions.

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