Talent Trends – The Role of Recruitment Agencies

Talent isn’t just a buzz word among HR professionals, it’s a real problem that employers face as the Irish economy turns another corner. Since the lows of the recession caused by the economic crash in 2008 which saw the unemployment rate rise to 16%, Ireland has gone from surviving to thriving in 2019. Now, employers are suffering the skills shortages as a result of the mass exodus of skilled workers emigrating after the downturn.

Newer technologies and the growth of Medical Devices and Biotech industries in Ireland is creating a huge demand for hard-to-find talent (eg. Quality roles are in demand at the moment and are proving difficult to fill). The rate of growth in engineering jobs is one of the highest in the country, so much so, the companies are trying to entice expats to come home.  This trend looks to continue into this year, which is why more and more companies look to recruitment agencies to help fill these positions.

Why are more companies than ever turning to agencies to fill these positions?

The cost to an employer in terms of both money and time can be high when trying to fill these roles. They have to make trade-offs in their business, time for their employees to screen and to interview candidates on top of the money spent on advertising.  Outsourcing to a recruitment company has grown in popularity.

With a recruitment agency you get someone who is an expert in industry and whose job it is to have a network with potential candidates. They will be able to dedicate more time to your vacancy then you can and have fine-tuned search methods for finding ideal CVs.  This is an employee’s market, which means those superstars you are looking for will register with one or two agencies and will get placed quickly.  These superstars don’t waste their time browsing job ads, they don’t waste their time calling up companies. They know their worth and they call one recruitment agency and they have an interview before you have a job advert written.

Whether it’s an employer looking to find new talent or someone looking to make a change in career, recruitment agencies will have a big part to play in 2019.

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