8 Ways To Help Your Friend Or Family Member Get Back To Work

Do you have a friend or family member who is looking for a new job?

Whether the person is looking for a better opportunity, better working hours, better money or has lost their job, there are many different ways you can assist them with their job search.

How to help a friend or family member get hired

Here are some options for what to do when you want to make someone’s job search a bit easier.

  1. Be constructive, not critical.  Be sympathetic and understanding. If their CV is awful, suggest a few changes that would make it more presentable.
  2. Offer a referral. If there are relevant openings at your organisation, see if you can put in a referral for your friend. Employers are thrilled to hear about qualified candidates, and you might even get a referral bonus (check out www.icejobs.ie/refer-a-friend).
  3. Send job leads. If a job that’s a good fit comes across your computer screen or social sites, send it to your friend. Check out the job sites from time to time for them – this may not be their strength.
  4. Offer to proofread CV and cover letters. One of the hardest things to do when you’re writing and editing is to catch your own mistakes.
  5. Go to a career networking event with your friend. If you are not the most outgoing person in the room, it can be scary to go alone.
  6. Make connections. Who you know can be critical to a successful job hunt, and connecting people is simple and easy to do. Offer to introduce your friend to anyone you think might be able to assist. Do it in-person, by email, on LinkedIn, and on social media.
  7. Refer them to further training in the local area. (e.g. www.pitman-training.ie/galway, 091 752345, GRETB  091 706200 both run free and subsidised courses for jobseekers)
  8. Stay Connected and Follow-Up. Don’t let them give up on their dream job.

Most importantly, be a friend and lend an ear. Sometimes, listening is the best way you can help someone work through considering career options, looking for job leads, interviewing, and evaluating job offers. Knowing you believe in them can be very motivating!

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