Changing Careers – The Fear

The famous sitcom FRIENDS was full of relatable moments.

One that has always stuck with me was when Chandler told Rachel to quit her waitressing job so she could get “the fear”.  He explained that “the fear” meant unless she didn’t quit her current job she would never go and look for the job she really wants. There is some truth in this, people are often afraid to go after the job they want and the career they want because they are currently able to pay the bills with their current job.

It’s completely understandable, bills need to be paid and mouths need to be fed. It doesn’t stop people, who are unhappy in their role, gazing longingly out the window and wishing they could actualise their dream job. It’s the art of being comfortably uncomfortable. Well the good news is that the job market right now is ideal for these people. Ireland is approaching full employment and are expected to hit this mark by the end of 2018 or early 2019. While this is great for the economy and the people of Ireland it is generally a nightmare for HR.

Candidates are harder to find, CV’s are read to a greater extent and good jobs can often be difficult to fill. Good candidates have multiple offers on their desks in all industries as large and small companies alike are seeking new talent. Linkedin is painted with recruiters looking to fill roles and this trend is set to continue. So the time is right to make the jump but where do you start? Well ask yourself where do you see yourself in 5 years time? What is your ideal position? Once you have decided this you need to start taking steps this year to reach that goal.

Experience or training might be an issue if you have never worked in you ideal industry before and in your opinion there is no way to break in. Well that’s your opinion, see what others think, and see what we think. There could an entry level position that would be a perfect foot in the door opportunity. Perhaps we offer a course that would equip you with the skills to go after that position.

I’m not saying you should walk into your current job in the morning and quit to give yourself “the fear”. What I am saying, is that you are not going to find your idea job looking out the window. Unless of course your dream is to be a window cleaner, in which case keep doing what you’re doing. If that isn’t your dream then it’s time to make a move while the demand is high and the market is good.

If you have read this far into my blog then I must have your interest or else you having a really slow day at the office. If you are interested in a move the worst thing you could do is finish this article and keep going about your day dreaming of moving career. There is a number at the bottom and just give a call to see what kind of positions are available. Even better come in to one of our sessions and get all the information you need regarding changing career.

It’s your move!

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