Can Pitman Training help you get into the Public Sector?

Employment for the government has always been seen as a lucrative and fantastic opportunity.

Competitive pay packets, stable employment, holidays, pensions plans, health insurance, the list is endless when it comes to the advantages of working for the public, but because there are still so many highly educated people on the market for a job, the competition is fierce.

In recent weeks, I’ve had people come to me explaining that they applied for a clerical role within the public sector.  They have passed the first hurdles, the application and test, and are currently on a panel, waiting for the interview rounds.  One problem they all seem to share is they don’t have updated administration skills or, in the cases I’ve dealt with, medical knowledge for working in the local hospital.  They are worried about the interview and want to expand their skills.

This is where Pitman Training can come into play.

Our office and administration courses offer a wide range of necessary computer packages and skills to meet the demands of a busy public sector job.  We can tailor the course to suit the requirements set out by the job specification.  With most of our Diplomas coming with an elective, this means you can add something extra to really help broaden your skills and give you that advantage. And the best thing about it, you could be qualified in as little as 6 weeks!  Plenty of time to get you ready for that all important interview.

The courses that I am recommending to people are our Medical Secretary Diploma and our Administrative Assistant Diploma.  Both diplomas have everything you need for a job in the public sector or any clerical role.  You could also upgrade to our Professional Executive PA to really give you the skills and knowledge to work in a highly competitive and sought after sector.

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