The North West – The Wild Atlantic Only Way to Go!

The Wild Atlantic Way has been one of the biggest success stories for Fáilte Ireland and has certainly put Sligo and the North West on the map for tourists and more recently for returning Tech Talent. As a recent returner to the North West, I am still enjoy being accosted with breathtaking mountain views as I carry on with the mundanities of everyday life. So why is the North West such an attractive proposition to returning / new talent?

Collaborative Industry Approach

The Atlantic MedTech and the Tech North West Clusters represent a collaborative approach to developing the North West as a location of choice for talent and new investment.  In the last 18 months, there have been a number of high-end announcements of large tech companies as well as over 1300 job announcements within the region. At a recent IDA North West Tech Cluster launch in May 2020, one of the Directors of Hypercurrent Ltd Patrick Crago, applauded the readiness of existing Tech companies to engage with prospecting organisations, and their desire to welcome in new investment into the area. Additionally, ‘on the ground’ support from Institute of Technology Sligo and direct access to their graduates were two important reasons for choosing Sligo as the location of their new R&D Centre. Sligo winning out against Latin America and Dublin.

North West Driving the 4 Day Week!

As COVID-19 demonstrated, organisations need to adapt and embrace new ways of working to ensure business continuity and success. This has launched a renewed interest in offering a 4-day working week, something that seems to be taking off in the North West. On the 1st April this year (not an April fool’s) Donegal based digital publishing company, 3D Issue, moved over to a 4-day working week in lieu of a 20% pay rise. When Paul McNulty (CEO and Founder) put the choice to his staff ‘..every single person chose a four-day week’. Closer to home, here in ICE Group Sligo, the 3-day weekend as we like to call will celebrate its first year anniversary at the end of this month and it is still going strong. If this 4-day week trend catches on in the North West, it might fast become another reason for top talent to return home.

Best of Both Worlds

One of the things that I have noticed after moving back to Sligo is the fact that if you travel 5 miles out from anywhere in the town, you are in the countryside. Sligo is a town that is surrounded by such wonderful and diverse hinterland. From world-class surfing coastlines, to really accessible mountain hikes for the family, not to mention the many zen forest walks, these attractions are replicated throughout the North West. However, due to the strong presence of top tier Multinational Organisations supported by many indigenous SMEs, we still have the ability to enjoy well paid and challenging job opportunities. Career development is no longer being leveraged against a better quality of living #BestOfBothWorlds!

ICE Group are the longest established recruitment agency in the West of Ireland and have been in Sligo since 1999. We are committed to attracting the right talent so that organisations in the North West can continue to develop and succeed.  Below are some useful websites, to keep you up to date on the happenings and developments within the North West region. A region worth watching because from all indications, there is a lot more to come!

Elizabeth Cox
Overseas Recruiter (and Career Advisor) –

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