International Travel to Australia during COVID-19 – FAQS

We have had many calls and messages from Nurses and Midwives who are interested in going to Australia this year but don’t know what is happening in regards to COVID-19 restrictions. ICE Group have compiled a list of our frequently asked questions to help you in your quest to get to Oz.

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Are Australia’s borders closed? Who is allowed to travel to Australia now?

Australia’s borders are closed and have been since March. Only Australian citizens, permanent residents and immediate family can enter Australia at the moment. However, the Australian Government is considering opening its borders to International Students in July.

What do I do when I arrive at the Airport?

You will be transported from the airport to designated accommodation in your city of arrival, where you will be required to quarantine for 14 days. You may be required to undergo enhanced health screening on arrival in Australia (Australian Government, BE COVID SAFE, Information for International Travellers – Version 4 (27/05/2020).

Another useful and informative online source is Smart Traveller which is provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

They advise the following upon arrival to Australia:

You’ll be required to fill out a form confirming you understand you have to complete the mandatory quarantine period of 14 days.
You’ll collect your luggage and go through the normal border clearance processes (customs, immigration and biosecurity).
Following border clearance, government officials will direct you to buses that will take you to your accommodation.
You may have to wait for a transfer to and check-in at your accommodation. Government officials will endeavour to make these waiting periods as comfortable as possible.

Further information is available here.

Will my accommodation be paid for?

Currently, the state governments are paying the costs of hotel quarantine but this may change. Please see the link to an article in The Sydney Morning Herald on 11.06.20

Can I go to public places?

During the 14 days of isolation, you must stay in your hotel and don’t go to public places including work, school, university or public gatherings. Avoid contact with other guests or staff.

Can I exercise outdoors?

If you are staying in a hotel, it is safe for you to go into the garden but you should wear a surgical mask to minimise risk to others and move quickly through any common areas

How do I get food, water and other essential supplies such as medication while in Quarantine?

At the moment, food, water and medical support will be provided. You will not incur costs as part of these quarantine arrangements.  Please note that this could change going forward.

Managing the 14-day isolation?

Arriving into a new country will be hard, especially when you have to quarantine immediately. Be prepared and create a quarantine plan ahead of time, so that you don’t forget to bring any essential items (books) or download important box sets in the rush to leave.

What happens after the 14 days?

If you remain free of symptoms, you can then travel on to your destination/accommodation. It is important that you have accommodation arranged and take careful note of the cancellation policy.

How do I present my ID to AHPRA?

Copies of your identity documents must be certified by a registered health practitioner.  The certified copies of your identity documents must then be submitted to AHPRA via email by either a registered health practitioner or another employee of your intended place of employment (e.g. administration office, receptionist, manager etc.). For further information check the AHPRA website.

How do I complete my Working with Children Check (WWCC)?

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the process has changed in some states so you will need to check the website for that particular state.  For New South Wales, you complete part 1 online to obtain your WWCC APP number.  This can be done prior to your arrival in Australia. Part two, where you have to attend a NSW service to present your ID can only be completed after quarantine.  Please check for further information/updates.

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