The “Justice Health Mental Health Nursing Bank”

The “Justice Health Mental Health Nursing Bank” – Mental Health Nursing in Oz with the Working Holiday Visa    

The Working Holiday Visa (WHV) allows the perfect balance of professional work experience and the possibility of travel and adventure Down Under. ICE Group have partnered with the Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network (JHFMHN) in Sydney to offer a condensed working week for Registered Mental Health Nurses. This Justice Health Mental Health Nursing Bank gives all our candidates a flexible and shorter working week, with more opportunities to experience this beautiful country. 

Condensed Working Week

People choose the WHV over other more permanent visas because they want to experience all that Australia can offer. The beaches and amazing scenery, and of course, enjoying the weather after work with friends. A permanent role can take away opportunities to have that work flexibility with Australian Nurses generally working 8-hour shifts, over 5 days.  

Up until now, the best option to achieve your dream work/life balance was using local agencies. Our new initiative – the Justice Health Mental Health Nursing Bank allows registered mental health nurses the benefits of working directly with the Network and also working a shorter working week similar to agencies. We want you to have the best of both worlds. Great pay, network support and opportunities for future career development, but still have the time and flexibility to enjoy all that Australia can offer. 

Benefits of having a job before you travel

Choosing our new initiative with the Justice Health Mental Health Nursing Bank has some great benefits over travelling blind. Firstly, you can have a start date set before you leave. This gives you time to settle into the Ozzy life with the peace of mind of job security. Having a start date in advance also allows you to begin planning those dream trips right away, while also knowing that you will have the financial stability to afford them. 

Having a job set up before you arrive, and having a letter of employment will put you top of the queue when looking for accommodation in Sydney.  It will also allow you able to focus your accommodation search on a particular area, e.g. The Forensic Hospital is close to Coogee Beach.  Finally, the Justice Health Network has a huge Irish and UK Community of Mental Health Nurses which means you will have plenty of connections to help get set up once you arrive.    

Benefits of Justice Health Overseas Bank Vs. Agency Nursing


Work/Life Balance  Direct employment with JHFMHN  Ability to plan ahead 
  • More weekly days off 
  • Set hours each week and month 
  • Ability to travel and enjoy Australia 
  • Community of Irish and UK nurses 
  • Career opportunities 
  • Part of a large network in NSW 
  • A valued member of staff 
  • Minimum 6 months’ work guaranteed 
  • Pathway to TSS Visa Sponsorship 
  • Financial stability 


  • Helps with Accommodation Searching 
  • Letter of employment to help with accommodation 
  • Book Holiday trips ahead of time 


Interviews with JHFMHN

Virtual interviews happening monthly with JHFMHN, contact for more details


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