The Importance of Organisation when Job Searching

Searching for a job can be a daunting experience. It can be made all the more difficult when the routine of the job seeker slips from that of a 9-5 lifestyle. The importance of organisation for the job seeker is absolutely imperative. At I.C.E. our goal is to make the transition from job-seeker to employee a quick and seamless one.

So, Congratulations! You’ve made it this far…finding a job that catches your eye and imagination can be a difficult task in itself. Maybe it’s a step up in your career? Your first role after education? Or possibly it’s an exciting new opportunity to change? Whatever your reasons may be when job seeking it’s important to keep in mind that you are competing against all other applicants. And like all competition; preparation is key.

The following tips will assist you in being ahead of the pack and getting you one step closer to your dream job:

  • Get your CV in on time!

Most people will check their emails first or second thing in the morning. As a job seeker you are putting yourself in the strongest position by ensuring your email is in early because it becomes part of the prioritised daily workload.

  • Keep Business Hours!

Employers are always looking for tell-tale signs that potential employees are capable of showing initiative, organisation and time management from early on in the recruitment process. Hearing a groggy, recently-woken voice at 11am in the morning can come across poorly. While it may not impact on your ability to get the job, if the position has a 6am start time it can lower confidence in a recruiter to think that you are capable of seamless transition into your new role.

  • Don’t Miss Your Flight!

Utilising your time on a daily basis and ensuring you are organised is indeed a job in itself. The catch is that YOU decide how difficult this will be. In fact looking for work is a lot like travelling. If I want to book a holiday I will always check that my passport is in date, I’ll know the time of my flight and I’ll print my tickets the day before I travel. Organisation and proper time management will ensure I don’t miss my flight and results in a stress free holiday.

  • Reconnect!

If you are seeking work with one of our recruiters in Galway, Sligo, Limerick or Dublin, you should ensure you have references ready before you apply. Giving your referee’s a heads up to expect a phone call greatly speeds up our process; it’s also a great way to reconnect!  Ensure to keep education certificates, a P45 and a proof of address all in a safe place.

  • Turn it Around!

We recruit for clients where a quick turnaround is often required. It is also necessary for us to have a panel of people ready to start. Your ability to organise both yourself and your time will mean that we can get you quickly through our processes and get you to that job offer stage.

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