Leaving Home is Great, but Coming Back is Always Better

For the next two weeks all the airports across Ireland will have Irish expats flying home to spend the holiday season with their families.

“Welcome Home” signs of all different shapes and sizes will be held in hands trembling with anticipation and excitement. It’s a sight to behold, unbridled joy from Irish Mammies as the wearied but happy faces of their sons and daughters come through those automatic doors in Terminal 2 in Dublin. Shrieks, hugs and wide smiles are in constant flow as everyone looks forward to spending Christmas in each other’s company.

Last year, I didn’t spend Christmas in Ireland for the first time and it was strange experience. The holiday felt more subdued than normal, and didn’t have buzz that being at home seemed to bring. The difference for me however, is that I wasn’t home by own choice. There are people abroad who can’t come home because they can’t get the time off work and they have to say Merry Christmas through the magic of Facetime. Every year, especially in the last decade, hundreds of Irish people fling themselves to every corner of the world in search of either a new adventure or some better opportunities or even just a change of pace.

Although the need to travel and explore in an inherent part of being Irish, a large portion of these people left because they couldn’t find work. Now, Irish workers are littered across the world and recruiters at home struggle to fill jobs as Ireland fast approaches full employment. So this Christmas, I’m asking you to tell that son/daughter/friend/cousin that we want to help them come home. Here at ICE Group, we can help the transition by finding work in a variety of industries, from engineering roles in leading Medical Devices companies to temporary administrative roles.

On the 28th of December we are having an open day for Engineers and Product Builders.  We are opening our doors for anyone that wants to come and talk about moving home for good this Christmas. It’s an opportunity for those at home to find out about open roles, CV prep and the need do’s of coming back to work in Ireland.

Happy Holidays to all, wishing you success in 2019.


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