A Manufacturing clients’ view of Agency Workforce

“Once, an unnecessary cost that we could do without – now, a strategic game changer”

Why are attitudes changing?

After the painful contractions during the recent recession, companies now need a more elastic workforce to thrive – one that enables them to hire contingent or on-demand labour for specific projects rather than bringing on board full time workers.  They need management to get back to core activities, making money!

Those who use the service well, build strength and value into it – they see things differently.  The costs are offset elsewhere – in Management, HR, Accounts and Payroll.  Management start to see a shift in their core activity towards money making plans and activities.  It becomes a strategic business tool – enhancing their company’s reaction, performance and planning capabilities

Our clients say they want:

  • Staff who are skilled and flexible – but are not just “temps.”
  • A contingent arrangement that has benefits for both workers and the company
  • A partner agency that knows their business well and manages the relationship well.


When the Agency Workforce relationship is managed well, our clients notice the following benefits:

  • “When we build to demand, contingency staffing is vital to our overall strategy, growth and results”
  • “We can perform at a higher level using more complex technology and management tactics when we have the flexibility and assurance that all contingent workforce is capable and committed”
  • “We don’t worry, we trust the expertise and long standing experience of our agency business partner when it comes to complying with legal and tax requirements”
  • “It’s freed up HR to work on business critical issues.”
  • “The management of contingent workers is complex, it’s only loosely coupled to the platforms we currently use to oversee full-time employees.  Different rules and guidelines”
  • “We never imagined that they would deliver the same calibre of candidate that we struggled to find ourselves. Our team is stronger than ever and we have kept our important feeling of family, loyalty and community alive”


I.C.E. Group have developed a highly effective Contingency Workforce Solution for the manufacturing sector.  Our local results and feedback indicate that our processes and results are unique and offer significant advantage over other available services.

100% Guarantee – 100% Dedication – 100% Satisfaction – 100% Success

I.C.E. Group is a growing, dynamic and vibrant multi-service company with 45 years of excellence in recruitment, payroll and bespoke HR and Training services.  Could we be your Contingency Workforce Solution? 

We would like to get to know you better, hear your business plans, then present our combined business solutions to you and your team – working together for greater prosperity.

Call Brid Connolly on 091 546700 for an informal introduction.

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