5 factors to consider when choosing a Contingency Workforce Agency for the Manufacturing Industry

We’ve spoken with our clients and identified the following key factors companies must consider.

5 factors to consider when choosing a Contingency Workforce Agency for the Manufacturing Industry

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1. A deep understanding of the industry you serve.

If your business is manufacturing and distribution, you need an agency with experience that aligns to your needs. Not an agency that is bidding for business they don’t understand at a knock down rate.

2. In-depth recruitment and screening process.

To win your business, your agency shows you that they will go deeper than the competition to find the right candidates, while upholding the integrity of your established reputation.

3. Workers who are ready to do the Work. 

Work-ready temps with an intimate knowledge of the work that is to be done.  Your agency has learned what the company does, have come and seen

4. Looking out for your long term interests.

That applies even when supplying short-term temps. An agency that consistently fields temp workers with full-time potential will be deeply appreciated.  Who wouldn’t want the option to permanently hire qualified people who have demonstrated proficiency in the client’s workplace?

5. Transparent fee, where value is clearly shown.

Demonstrated ability to source candidates that the client would not have reached on their own.  “We have no problem paying for things that we are not getting done ourselves or someone else is doing better”. A consultative approach where your agency is 100% committed to your business innovation and success.

I.C.E. Group is a growing, dynamic and vibrant multi-service company with 45 years of excellence in Recruitment, Payroll and bespoke Services.

We have developed a highly effective Contingency Workforce Solution for the manufacturing sector.  Our local results and feedback indicate that our processes and results are unique and offer significant advantage over other available services.

From humble beginnings, our company has grown considerably in size, and now employs over 40 full-time staff.  Our Offices in Galway, Sligo, Limerick, Dublin, Belfast and Wexford serve a wide range of companies, including indigenous businesses, public services, Irish subsidiaries of multinationals and overseas organisations.  We have invested over €50k in internal ICT infrastructure to provide our clients with the best services on offer. We offer greater value and service to our customers, concentrating on greater prosperity for each of us.

Talk to us today to see how we can work with you to make sure you have considered all the angles.

Call Brid Connolly on 091 546700.

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