Using A Recruitment Firm vs Applying Yourself

I will admit, as a recruiter, there will probably be a little bit of bias in this post. Before I began to work in recruitment, I would not have considered the benefit of going with a recruitment company. Since my time with ICE Group I have seen how going through a recruitment company can benefit a job seeker. Here are my top 5 reasons to use a recruitment agency in 2020.

They know the industry

They might not be an Engineer/Nurse/IT Specialist, but they are in those jobs markets year-round. They know who is hiring and who will be hiring in the coming months. They can assist with your job search and help you find companies that might not have immediately come to mind.

Review your CV

This is a big one. Some of the best professionals cannot write a CV that reads well. To be fair, it is not their job to. It is part of a recruiter’s package; they have the knowledge and experience. They know what hiring managers are looking for and how best to put that across on the CV

Interview Prep.

They have been there, have had candidates rejected and received the feedback. As a recruiter sends more and more candidates into a client, the better they understand what the hiring manager expects in the interview. They can help if you have struggled in interviews before, they can help give you the best chance.

If you are not with one – you are against one

The job market is a competitive place and for the top roles, you will be competing against candidates that are represented by recruiters, who have given them the best chance. Recruiters offer you the opportunity to maximize your chances.

It’s free!

It does not cost anything. Not only that it is the recruiter’s best interest to find you a position you love. The better the fit the happier you, the recruiter and the client company will be.

ICE Group are here to help you in the job market so call us today and start your job search off right – contact me if you need any advice.

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