The Benefits of Summer Temps

There are many reasons hiring a “Summer Temp” can be of huge benefit to a company.

Companies can be continually fast paced and demanding during the summer. Can the staff be fast paced and consistent as required by the business when also covering for a colleague who is out?  More than likely a number of factors can arise that will hinder a company’s output, including:

  • maternal or parental leave
  • illness
  • annual leave
  • temporary ramp in workload
  • special project that takes more time than planned

The solution? Hiring a Temp.

Pay only for the hours/days that they are needed.

When a key team player is required to step out for a period, substituting with someone who has the same qualities and skills is crucial. Through an extensive interview, assessment and screening process it is possible to find a right fit person who can stand in where needed and keep your business functioning at its best all summer.

Hiring temporary staff can often be overlooked by companies due to the added workload of sourcing a suitable candidate and the training needed to get them up to speed on the company or project.  I.C.E. Group take that workload away – our Temps have that little bit extra; sector knowledge, experience in a similar company, a similar project – they fit right in!

The only problem with our temps is; you won’t want to see them go.

I.C.E. Group’s high quality selection process and assessment of client needs will help benefit your business in many ways.

Since our establishment in 1972, I.C.E. Group have placed over 30,000 people in jobs. We have an unrivalled reputation for quality, attention to detail, client loyalty, exceptional support and a value service offering.

Our commitment is to provide a quality service within the required timelines, with the right person, to do a great job.

In 2016, I.C.E. Group were awarded ‘Supplier of the Year for the Provision of HR Support’ by one of our biggest recruitment clients.

Surely, by now you have considered a temp.

Call 091 546 700, email or send us a message here.

We can help provide temporary solutions to ensure the extinction of temporary problems.

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