Summer Temps – That Little Bit Extra

Summer can be a busy period for us all, but especially for those trying to run a business.

It is the time of year when employees everywhere are jetting off to the sun and leaving their work behind and employers can be left feeling marooned and short-staffed during the summer period. The last thing they want to be doing is recruiting a replacement when they’ve already been left to safeguard a part of the business left unmanned. Hiring Temporary Agency Workers (Temps) over the summer period is the best way to ensure your business is kept running smoothly and most importantly, it lifts the responsibility off your shoulders completely, just one less thing for you to worry about!

Our Promise of Expertise

Hiring temporary workers can often be overlooked by companies due to the concern surrounding training them to get them up to speed on the company or project. ICE Group take that workload away – our Temps have that little bit extra, sector knowledge, experience in a similar company, a similar project, they fit right in! As well as interviewing and reference checking, we carry out IT assessments in Word, Excel and Typing to ensure that our temps are well cut-out and fit for undertaking any sort of assignment. At ICE Group, our priority is to provide our clients with top-class candidates that display excellency, loyalty and expertise.

Workplace Benefits

Nevertheless, Temps are not just convenient to cover holidays or staff leave. Nowadays, many companies believe that hiring Temps into their organisation can be a morale booster and use Temping as a strategy to boost productivity within the workplace. Our Temps come from an array of backgrounds and have experience working in multiple organisations. The wealth of knowledge they bring with them is an asset to any organisation as they are more often than not bursting with fresh ideas to bring to the table having seen them succeed in other organisations.

Not Convinced Yet?

When it comes to temporary staffing, ICE Group we have you covered! If you weren’t convinced already why temporary staffing is the best solution for your business this summer, here are some of the biggest gains from taking on Temp workers:

  • No time-consuming recruitment process
  • No dealing with payroll queries
  • Only pay for the days/hours that your Temp is needed
  • Benefit from our Temps’ industry knowledge and expertise
  • All Temps are contracted to ICE Group

We have some impressive talent in the West who are available for work. These people include Administrators, Production Operators, Receptionists, Health and Safety Officers, Accounts Assistants and Cleaners to name a few. We are an award-winning organisation with an unrivalled track record of placing high-quality Temps – more than 100,000 over the past 47 years!

Start your path towards higher productivity and reduced stress this summer. Don’t hesitate and give us a call if you need any roles filled on a temporary basis, as we would be more than happy to break the ICE and introduce you to our amazing candidates!

Sligo Office – 071 9169097
Galway Office – 091 546700

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