Our Tips On How To Ace A Job Interview

You are on the search for a new, exciting role and have found your dream job, you send your application in and get to the next stage, but one thing stands in the way of you and your future … the interview! For many people an interview can cause anxiety & worry but there is no need to fret, we have some tips to help you prepare, succeed, and Be Bloody Brilliant!

Here are some tips to help you get through that interview.

Do Your Research

Before attending an interview in any company it is vital that you do some research, look into the products they produce, what they believe in, some facts/figures on the latest company trends, or any milestones or achievements they have had. Employers expect you to understand their business so the more you know the better.

Update Your Social Media

LinkedIn plays a big role in the recruitment process nowadays so before the interview, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and is showcasing your skills and experience. Clean up your other social media accounts, remove any embarrassing or unprofessional material, and put your profile on private – that picture of you at a festival last summer does not need to be seen!

Dress The Part

First impressions are very important and this is your time to shine so dressing professionally is a must. By dressing well, you will feel and look more confident. Always follow the dress code – Google some interview outfit ideas if you are unsure what to wear.

Be On-Time

Always leave your home at least 15 -20 minutes earlier than you need to in case the traffic is bad or god forbid you would get a flat tyre. The extra time beforehand will do you the world of good to relax and prepare before the interview.

Stay Calm

If you are a nervous or anxious person some deep breathing exercises or meditation will help you to calm down before going to the interview. Focusing on the breath will help take your mind off any fears or worries you may have.

Be Prepared

Google & YouTube are a great help, they have interview tips and also sample questions to practice answering. Spend some time writing out potential questions and answers so you will be ready for anything they ask you – Use this as a Cheat Sheet’.

Think back to challenges you’ve faced at work, how did you overcome these challenges, how you deal with conflict and working under pressure, your strengths, weaknesses, etc.

Practice Makes Perfect

Rehearse how you would answer certain questions, role play with a family member or friend and see how prepared you are. Ask them to throw in some of their own questions to see how you react to the unknown! Recording yourself answering questions may also be an option if you cannot ask someone to help.

Another tip would be to work on your body language and be aware of how you are sitting – whether you appear closed off or feeling defensive – crossing arms or legs sends this message.

Working History

When talking about your past working history, do not talk negatively about previous employers or your current employer. Always be positive and do not overshare, even if the past was not fantastic, this may put a negative spin on the interview.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

If you have gaps in your CV – be honest, explain why you were out of work, and what you learned during your time off. Turn the negative of being unemployed into a positive – e.g. you needed this time for self-development. They will not judge you if you needed some time off, whether it was traveling the world or just some self-reflection time.

Let Your Personality Shine Through

Be yourself, allow the interviewers to get to know you and it will do you the world of good. Sell yourself well and believe in yourself. If they see that you are a friendly, approachable person this will show that you will fit in well with the team and are easy to get along with.


Have some questions prepared for the end of the interview as they will surely ask if you have any, examples would be to ask if there are opportunities for progression in the role or how much training is involved – showing initiative will impress them. You could also ask what the next stage in the recruitment process will be or if successful when would they like you to start – this will give you an indication of how the interview went.

Interviews can be intimidating and nerve-wracking, but don’t stress, be confident and believe that you are capable of reaching your full potential! We have our fingers crossed for you.

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