Good Customer Service

Good Customer Service and what is it?

This is a question that if you where to ask ten different people you would end up getting ten completely different answers. The answer can vary from always reaching our targets to given the customer the best value for money. Another few keys words that people think of when it comes to customer service is consistency reliability adaptability some people see it completely differently and believe that it should be rated on things like our ethics as a company or reasonability towards our clients and our temps and the support that is offered to clients on a timely basis.

So which one of these answers is right? Would you be shocked if I was to tell you that not one but all of these answers are right. The key to giving the best customer service is by figuring out exactly what your customer wants from your company sometimes it can be one or two of the above or a combination of a few of these things. The most important thing is to find out what your client is looking for and this will guarantee providing them with amazing customer service.

If you think about  it there are many times that we ourselves are the client depending on the service we require will alter our idea of what customer service we except. How many times have you gotten on a Ryanair flight and felt that the customer service was not up to standard and have read blogs like this from very unsatisfied customers. Yet it seems to be one of the busiest airlines so why is this. Ryanair have touched on the value for money side of the market. In this the customer is happy to forfeit on a higher level of customer service in order to get an economical means of transport.  However if the product was top end and the price was top end for example if you where to go to a expensive jewellers due o the money that you are going to spend you would except a amazing product but also an amazing experience over all. This is complete opposite side of the Customer Service Spectrum. From this simple example it shows the highly different expectations that the customer has depending on the product and money that they are going to spend. To some people it is all about the money and for others it is all about the experience.

Customers have a heightened expectation of customer service over the last number of years. It is very important that we meet the exceptions that our client is looking for in order to maintain a good professional relationship. and ongoing business. My main believe in how company’s can guarantee amazing customer service is summed up simply by a well respected Business man Richard Branson “The way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers” In a very simply yet effective way Branson puts across the value of employees in a company. Employees represent your company. If you treat your staff well they will in turn want to look after your company and protect the brand name.

So at the end of the day it’s not what your employee can do for you but what you can do for your employee.

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