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ICE Group Quality Policy

ICE Group Quality Policy                   

Our policy is to have appropriate business systems and resources available to ensure that we provide quality services that meet or exceed our customer expectations, whilst allowing us to re-invest in our business.

We believe that if we are doing this correctly, our customers will thank us.

Our Business Management System Manuals provide the framework for the implementation of this policy.

We have a commitment to continuously monitor the BMS in line with our quality objectives, taking into account interested parties and client needs.

Our core values guide us through this process.  These are:

Reliability: Ability to perform the promised service dependably, accurately and on time

Responsiveness: Having the human and technological resources to provide a prompt service that meets the client’s requirements

Assurance: Guaranteeing customer satisfaction

Responsibility: Providing greater value and service to our customers

Tangibles: What gets measured gets done