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What is Temping? 

Temping is much more than just last minute cover or a way of covering maternity leave. In today's competitive environment, businesses strategically use temporary staff to boost their productivity. Companies consider temps to be an asset to the team and treat them as any other employee. 

For those considering a career change temping can be an extremely effective way to break into a field. Many people nowadays enjoy moving from one assignment to another, and proactively seek temporary work.

Why Temp?

  • Flexibility - Temping gives you control over your working life, assignments range from one day to one year. This means you can work for 6 months and then go travelling or work seasonally if it suits you.
  • Enhance Your Skills – Temping is excellent for broadening your skill set. You can expand on an existing skill or discover a new area of strength.
  • Better Pay – As a temp you are paid by the hour not a set salary, so the more you work the more you earn. In today’s buoyant market temps are often paid better than permanent employees.
  • Change Career – Temping is an opportunity to try a different area that interests you with minimum commitment
  • Varied Work Experience – You can work in different industries and experience different approaches to management and organisation which you can apply to your next position or use to improve the way you work. 

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